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I AM Spring Cleaning

Emerging from the dark, cold days of winter into the longer, sunnier days motivates many of us to recharge and revitalize some part of our life. Many of us hit the pavement exercising, fire up the grill for healthier fare, buy a new wardrobe, or take a family trip. As a high school teacher, I’m blessed to have a week off during spring, but this year I am not heading out of town for spring break. Instead, I am focusing my energy here, at home, with spring cleaning.

I’m channeling the energy spring gives me to clean out my life. This spring cleaning will include the typical route of tackling the backs of kitchen cabinets, the backs of my clothes closet, and the back of my basement. But, more importantly, this spring I need to clean the back of my mind. This past winter was particularly dark for me, and it wasn’t just our short Midwestern days. I had a baby November 30 and I am okay admitting publicly that I went through some very sad days in her first two months of life. I did not deal with my problem alone, but many days I felt like I was.

With my time at home this week, I am embracing spring cleaning to melt winter’s icy claw and the grip it had on my mood. I’m choosing to focus on the strength I’ve found from becoming a mother and channel our better weather’s motivation into improving my outlook and house. I can throw out my negative self-talk while I toss worn clothing and furniture. I do not do this work grudgingly but with a happy heart. I am so grateful for the women around me who have been my guide as I’ve transitioned into my new role as mother. By the end of this week, my cleaner house and happier mindset will maybe inspire others to a fresh start.

Tracy Lux

Posted: 3/16/2016

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