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February Member Spotlight

When Honey Bedell moved to the Quad Cities as a newcomer, she was so lucky to instantly have a large group of wonderful women to connect with who shared common interests and goals. She joined the Junior League of Fort Smith (Arkansas) in 1990 and then transferred her membership to Junior League of the Quad Cities a year later. Honey is now a sustaining member and, still today, some of her best friends are from Junior League.

When she's not reading, needlepointing, reading, volunteering or reading (catch a theme there?), Honey serves as the Chief of Staff for Eastern Iowa Community Colleges where she has worked for 27 years. She's about to become an empty nester with one son playing baseball at the University of Missouri and another heading to the University of Iowa this fall. While nervous about the transition, she looks forward to what the next chapter may bring and how she can renew her community involvement.

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