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I AM…INFLUENCING! Advocating for Positive Change at Hill Day

On Tuesday, January 26th, I had the great privilege to represent Junior League of the Quad Cities at “Hill Day” at the state capital in Des Moines. I attended along with chair of the Advocacy Committee Cristy Tackett-Hunt and Vice President of Community Jennifer Vondracek. We were joined there by members of Junior League of Cedar Rapids and Junior League of Des Moines to promote policies related to our 3 advocacy platforms: Human Trafficking, Campus Sexual Assault and Women in the Workplace.

We only had two hours to meet with legislators and give our “elevator speeches” and hand out flyers with more information about our platforms. While it was only a short time, I believe that we were able reach a large number of legislators and make a positive impact for our positions. I think our collaborative effort with the other Leagues showed legislators that we are an organized and informed group with influence that reaches across the state and that will be a very powerful tool for us as we continue our efforts to affect positive change.

While each League around the state has varied positions and activities that support women in their local area, I was thrilled we all shared a passion and energy for our Mission and I felt the energy build as the day went along!  I think we can build upon each other’s work and share ideas which, again, proves that “together we can achieve more”.  It was a great example of collaboration of Junior League's across the state of Iowa!

Chris Cournoyer​

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